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IT Systems

IT Solutions

Delivering a project successfully takes more than just good engineering. For a web-based project, it needs to be hosted with a reliable service provider, promoted, updated, maintained and backed up by competent support staff to manage the suggestions, complaints and questions that invariably comes with any successful online venture. For the application we test in accordance with the user environment, get it signed-off by the clients, when satisfied install at the user premises.

Software Development Methods: We owe our success to our ability to exploit the potential of the state of the art technology.

Quality processes in Software Project Management: Quality consciousness permeates our organization and quality procedures form an important part of our development process. Our internal processes and workflows are aligned to achieve targeted results.

Technological Competence: Once opportunities are identified and prioritized, we execute projects with our experience and knowledge. We are equipped with the necessary technical competencies to support all technological needs.

We provide the following services for our IT based solutions: 

1.     Consultancy

Our team of professionals will provide you consultancy for identifying the optimum IT solution as per your needs. Customer requirements and scope of work are thoroughly studied and customer satisfaction is considered as the final objective.

We will arrange for an initial visit from an experienced consultant to discuss your plans and to understand how we will be able to help. Our consultant will then work with you and your business throughout the project to give you feedback and demonstrations during the development phases, and after final implementation will be there to consult if you have any problems or want any follow up activities to take place.

2.     Software Development

Our team of software engineers and developers are committed to build reliable, robust and flexible software tailored to the needs of the customers. We follow a customized Software Development Life Cycle along the lines of the Unified Method using UML. We have defined processes for requirements capture, design, development and testing. We generate UML diagrams representing the Use Case Model, Analysis Model, Design Model and Test Model.

Development Methodology:

The following processes are involved in the development of a project.

Software Development Skills & Technologies

Industry Domains

• Software and Technology;

Programming Languages

• Java

• Android



• JavaScript



• Microsoft Windows

• Linux

• Macintosh (Mac OSX) 


• MS SQL Server

• MySQL Server

• Oracle


• HTTP(s)

• Java Technologies (J2EE, J2SE)


Application and Web Servers

• Tomcat

• JBoss


• Skype

• Instant Messenger

• Phone, e-mail etc.

Project Management


• MS Project

• Pivotal Tracker

• Test Flight

• Asana


Web Content Production


• Macromedia Dreamweaver

• Macromedia Fireworks MX 

• Macromedia Flash

• Adobe Photoshop 8.0

• CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12

3.    Support & Maintenance

As a company, it is crucial that your IT components run smoothly. That is why we offer a variety of support packages. You will have both on-site and off-site support that allows our technical staff to troubleshoot any setbacks that you are undergoing.

The amount of support you require can be negotiated upon taking up our support agreement so that you can choose exactly what is right for your business.

4.    Training

We develop Training Manuals for all user levels for the developed software. Training is imparted by a specialized professional to a selected group of users responsible for implementing the software product within your organization. The training is designed to ensure that the users fully understand the working of the software.