Manpower Projects / Clients Testing Facility Training

Innovative ideas and practical results have earned us the role of trusted technology training and consultancy provider. Our goal is to deliver the right training solution in order to achieve the optimum results.


The methodologies and curriculum for training and orientation are carefully developed and continuously reviewed. The emphasis on field-based training has increased. Major modifications have been carried out in the syllabus of training of all levels. Skill training of trainers has also been emphasized.
The effort is to make training an experiential two-way process and more effective, lively and enjoyable. Different training methodologies are used- participatory learning and action approaches, brainstorming, buzz sessions, group discussions, role play, mock demonstrations, field assignments, quiz and culture specific forms of creative expression. A variety of training aids such as charts, flannel boards, graphs, manuals and slides have been developed to support such processes.
The training approach is based on principles of learning with a focus on peer review during all the steps of planning, organizing and conducting a training/ learning event. The course models a variety of effective training methodologies. Including demonstration, visualization in participatory programming (VIPP) and presentation. The content of the course is basic to every training/ learning event and does not vary with the changing technical emphasis. The difference becomes apparent in the application of skills. The development and design of individual training/ learning sessions will include content, demonstrations, case studies and role play based on the chosen technical emphasis.